Williamburg Plantation - Williamsburg Plantation Timeshare Ownership

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Williamburg Plantation Resort sold a timeshare to myself and another individual in May of 2011.Aftter returning home we notice that the information the timeshare representative presented was "false." we tried to contact Williamsburg Plantation Resort to request a "cancellationof the contract." However, The representative didn't return the call until 14 to 18 days later.

At that time, he stated that the it were to late to make the "cancellation" request.

I have conducted research on this issue and I notice that this is "not" the first time this has happen to other customers.The company is giving "false" information.

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You had seven days you should have cxled it's your fault you waited not you salesman cmon don't blame him / her for you not reading the contract I hate that !!!!!!!!

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